Microbiota is a part of the mucous membranes and it is the first defensive barrier against external aggressions. Its importance in the maintenance of the State of health is so important that today it is considered as an authentic body organ. The alteration of this microbiota originates microbial imbalances (infections), immunological (inflammations, allergies, autoinmune processes) and/or metabolic disorders (mainly metabolic…), which are usually treated with drugs (antibiotics, corticoids…) which, in turn, can deepen this imbalance.

PROBISEARCH directs the knowledge of the microbiota towards the proposal of a new of a new way of controlling these dysbiosis through the empowerment of the competition mechanisms and or tolerance through the use of probiotics. The results obtained in controlled clinical trials demonstrate the effectiveness of this new approach, resulting in even more effective than own antibiotics and with fewer side effects. The perinatal period constitutes a key element to control the ideal health development, both for the mother and the baby.

The use of microbiological, immunological, metagenomic, transcriptomic, metabolomic and / or proteomic techniques are essential for the identification of biomarkers of certain pathologies and for the support of health claims of various functional foods facing European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

PROBISEARCH deepens the knowledge of selection criteria (safety, functional, technological) and mechanisms of action of probiotic microorganisms and / or some of its metabolites, intended to improve nutrition, food safety and / or health.

The method of isolation and characterization of probiotics performed by PROBISEARCH is totally a novel concept, since it is based on the selection of microorganisms that have a greater potential from substrates in which the most effective bacterial strains have already subjected to a process of natural selection.

PROBISEARCH investigates and develops new probiotics for different targets.