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Isolation, selection and identification of microbial targets

New marks for specific therapeutic purposes in human and animal health

  • Study of dysbiosis in selected populations.
  • Application of microbiological, immunological and cell biology techniques including "-omics" techniques.
  • Partial and complete genome sequencing of microbial strains with probiotic potential.
  • Characterization of the functional genome and protein expression.
  • In vitro tests and techniques to confirm the properties of the selected strains and the mechanism of action
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Clinical studies and clinical trials

Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of probiotic strains and of substances they produce, as well as its therapeutic uses in human and animal health

  • Pilot studies for Proof of Concept .
  • Design of Protocols for Clinical Studies, Clinical Trials and Data Collection Forms.
  • Process for obtaining trial approval on the part of Ethics Committees.
  • Selection of Research Centers for patient recruitment.
  • Implementation, monitoring and follow-up of clinical trials.
  • Microbiological and immunological analysis of the samples collected.
  • Data recording and statistical analysis of the results.
  • Final study report .
  • Preparation of publication of results.
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