Use of probiotics in dermatology

The skin microbiota does not only protect us from pathogenic microorganisms, but it also has a demonstrated protective effect against harmful agents, including UV rays, free radicals and pollution.

It has been recently shown that some specific probiotic strain have an active effect on the external aggressors our skin is exposed to on a daily basis, helping to delay aging. As probiotics do in other parts of the body, they may also help preserve the balance in the skin microbiota. This is reflected in the recent launch of several cosmetic products containing probiotics or probiotic extracts, produced by fermentation.

In this sense, PROBISEARCH, a leader in probiotic research, has a line of research dedicated to dermatology and cosmetics. It focuses on the selection of probiotic strains that have an active effect on the different factors at play in the protection and aging processes. These specific strains provide multiple beneficial characteristics for the skin.

PROBISEARCH has assembled a multidisciplinary team with expertise in the development and application of microbiological, immunological, metagenomic, transcriptomic, metabolomic and / or proteomic techniques, who have found scientific evidence on the effectiveness of their strains. Additionally, PROBISEARCH has a track record in the design and development of clinical trials in probiotics in accordance with Good Clinical Practices.