Clinical trial conducted by PROBISEARCH is presented at WoMPBI

November 2019

The clinical trial conducted by PROBISEARCH for Nutricia Research was presented in the World of Microbiome: Pregnancy, Birth & Infancy Conference (WoMPBI), held in Milan from 31 October – 2 November, 2019.

The WoMPBI 2019 is a unique event where experts meet to further scientific knowledge on the microbiome during pregnancy and in infants, to interpret the latest research and analyze real world case studies.

In the first edition of the WoMPBI we presented a paper entitled “Prevention of mastitis by oral administration of Lactobacillus salivarius PS2 during late pregnancy and early lactation,” J.M. Rodriguez, E. Jiménez, D. Schlembach, S. Manzano, R. Martin, M. Roelofs, K. Ben Amor, J. Knol M. Abou-Dakn.

PROBISEARCH was the SMO (Site Management Organization) and central laboratory for sample analyses in the international randomized double blind clinical trial involving 328 pregnant women. The primary objective of the clinical trial was to investigate mastitis prevention through the intake of probiotic strain Lactobacillus salivarius PS2 developed by PROBISEARCH, from week 35 of gestation and during the first 12 weeks of lactation.

The results presented show the preventive effect of the L. salivarius PS2 strain during the last weeks of gestation and the first 12 weeks of lactation.

PROBISEARCH has a Clinical Trial Department with expertise in the design, implementation, development and follow-up of clinical trials with probiotics. Trials are conducted in accordance with local and international Good Clinical Practices.

PROBISEARCH is located in Madrid Technology Park. Founded in 2011 by a group of scientists from the Complutense University of Madrid, PROBISEARCH’s mission is to offer new probiotic products to prevent and treat a range of human and animal diseases where the microbiota plays a role.

PROBISEARCH was acquired in 2016 by biotechnology group Zendal with the aim of continuing with this mission, and integrating this knowledge and expertise within a more wide-ranging offering in the field of Probiotics for human and animal health.