Direct addition of selected starter cultures to guide food fermentations allows a good control of the fermentation process and allows to obtain standardized final products. However, isolates from complex ecosystems such as traditional fermented foods typically exhibit a wider range of metabolic activities than those found in industrial starter cultures. In this context, there is a trend to isolate wild strains from traditional products to be used as novel starter cultures in fermented foods and beverages. PROBISEARCH has the potential to isolate, select and characterize strains to improve food quality and safety in a wide range of products. Additionally, we analyse the effects of the strain exerted on the foods they are added.

Addition of starter or adjuncts cultures containing carefully selected strains in food fermentations would lead to the development of desired properties in the final product. Furthermore, the use of selected strains could reduce or even replace some chemical additives, thus offering and additional attractive to the consumer.