Biofabri and Probisearch sign an agreement with Casen Recordati for the development and manufacturing of new probiotics

Last October biotechnology companies Biofabri and Probisearch, part of CZ Veterinary Group, entered an agreement with Casen Recordati, Spanish subsidiary of Italian pharmaceutical company Recordati, for the clinical and industrial development and subsequent manufacturing of two innovative probiotic products in the areas of Pediatrics and Women’s Health.

This partnership allows Biofabri and Probisearch continue advancing towards the growth strategy implemented in recent years with a new line of business, focused on the development and manufacturing of probiotics using pharmaceutical standards. For Casen Recordati the deal consolidates its leadership position in the probiotic area.

Headquartered in Tres Cantos (Madrid), Probisearch is a leading company in probiotic research. Founded in 2011, it was acquired by CZ Veterinary-Biofabri Group at the end of 2016. Its technical team has identified and selected over 50 bacterial strains with probiotic potential in several human and veterinary applications. The clinical development of the strains is carried out by Probisearch in accordance with the good clinical practice regulations, in collaboration with private and public medical centers.

Pharmaceutical company Biofabri specializes in biotechnology from its headquarters in Porriño (Vigo). Facilities include a new area exclusively dedicated to the manufacturing of probiotics with the highest technological standards and pharmaceutical quality, in controlled environmental conditions, to ensure the stability of the products and to avoid cross-contamination. With a highly qualified and experienced human team, Biofabri develops in-house all its probiotics and is responsible for the entire value chain of the process, from the early stages of development to the finished, ready-to-market product.

Casen Recordati is the Spanish subsidiary of the pharmaceutical group Recordati, based in Milan, Italy. The European group is open to collaborations and engaged in the discovery, development and marketing of innovative products that add value and help improve the quality of people’s life.

In Spain, Casen Recordati has an operations center in Zaragoza and commercial headquarters in Madrid. The company has its own production plant as well as a New Product Research and Development department. This allows the company to make prescription drugs and self-care products for a range of pathologies and symptoms, with the expertise garnered through decades of research, and our commitment to healthcare professionals and patients.

The main therapy areas where Casen products are present include cardiology, gastroenterology, gynecology, pediatrics and urology. Its role as a leader in the probiotic market began with the launch of Casenfilus in 2002, followed by Bi-OralSuero in 2004, Casenbiotic/Reuteri-Biogaia in 2007, Muvagyn probiotic in 2010 and most recently Gastrus in 2016.


Madrid, 2 November 2017