Spanish patent awarded to a human milk pasteurizer


Spanish patent awarded to a human milk pasteurizer

Since last 19 December, 2017, it is available for consultation in the Spanish Patent and Brand Office (OEPM) the dossier for a Continuous Pasteurizer for Human Milk (ES2600873B1), property of Probisearch SLU, Sive Fluid Systems SL and the Foundation for Biomedical Research of the Hospital 12 de Octubre. Designed and developed as a result of the collaboration of the three institutions, the system pasteurizes human milk at 72ºC for 15 seconds to remove pathogens while preserving a higher degree of its biologically active components, such as lipase and IgA. The pasteurizer is exclusively designed to manage the quantity of human milk that is routinely pasteurized in a maternal milk bank, which can vary from 0.5L to 10L.

The innovative system will be in use in the Mother’s Milk Regional Bank Aladina-MGU, located in the Neonatology Department of Hospital 12 de Octubre in the Region of Madrid. The institution promotes and supports breastfeeding and will now be able to supply freely donated milk to all new born babies who are born ill or premature in the region, regardless of the hospital where they are admitted.

PROBISEARCH is a leader in the development and application of microbiological, immunological, metagenomic, transcriptomic, metabolomic and / or proteomic techniques to the study of complex microbiotas, such as those found in various human and animal mucosa and epithelia. The application of these techniques sheds light on microbial diversity and its influence on the host, both in normal conditions and after the application of any type of treatment (antibiotics, probiotics …) or in pathological situations. To this end, PROBISEARCH multidisciplinary team is involved in the different development stages, including the microbiological and immune analysis the samples, to allow for the collection of scientific evidence on the effectiveness of our strains.

Probisearch is located in Madrid’s Technology Park. Founded in 2011 by a group of scientists from the Complutense University of Madrid, its mission is to offer new probiotic alternatives to prevent and treat various human and veterinary diseases associated with the microbiota.

Probisearch was acquired in 2016 by biotechnology group CZV- Biofabri with the aim of persevering in this mission as well as integrating their knowledge and experience within a more comprehensive offering in the field of probiotics for human and animal health.